Photography Sessions

Q) I want to book a session.  What is the next step?
A) If you would like to book a headshot session please send an email to hello@professionalphotographer.co.za and give me a few dates you are considering for your session. I will get back to you with my availability ASAP. My sessions take place Monday thru Friday. A 50% or 60% deposit is required to book your session.

Q) Do I need to schedule a consultation?
A) It is not required to meet with me prior to your shoot date. However, if it will make you more comfortable talking with me about your session beforehand, by all means lets schedule a phone consultation. Consultations normally take place either at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. Monday thru Friday and I like to book a half an hour slot. If you need to cancel or reschedule a consultation please email or call me ASAP so I can offer up your time slot to another client.

Q) Where would the shoot take place?
A) We shoot in our photography studio, on location or outdoors – When weather permits, I like to shoot on different locations in Johannesburg. There are so many wonderful natural backdrops in our City!

Q) What should I wear?
A) Something without too much pattern, so it does not distract from your face. Simple necklines is good. Bring at least 2-3 options.

Q) What type of lighting do you use?
A) I like to use a variety of different lighting techniques depending on the weather the day of the shoot and how sensitive your eyes are to natural outdoor light. It’s all about your eyes and getting them to sparkle! Generally, I will use non-flash studio lighting combined with daylight when shooting indoors. When shooting outdoors I use natural lighting with reflected fill light. However, if we get outdoors and you are squinting like crazy because it is too bright, we will definitely come indoors and I will use studio lighting (Profoto D1 lights). Don’t worry, my studio lighting is meant to look like you were shot on a bright sunny day!

Q) Does retouching of images get rid of spots and blemishes?
A) Our digital Clearasil does wonders. If you require retouching, it can be arranged at extra cost.

Q) Are prints included in the portrait photography shoot?
A) Prints are not included but can be arranged at an additional cost. Discounts are available for multiple printing orders – Please enquire.

Q) How much are the additional digital image retouches and DVDs?
A) Basic image retouching is charged at R375,00 + VAT per image. We usually send the photographs via Wetransfer.com at no charge

Q) Can the makeup artist be arranged if I need one?
A) Yes, makeup artist and/or hairstylist can be arranged at an additional cost, depending on your requirements (amount of looks and time)

Q) If I want to look thinner or have any other special retouching to be done, how much would that be?
A) Our complex retouching is charged at R875.00 + VAT per hour.

Q) Can you tell me about copyright?
A) All images photographed by Brandon are copyright of Brandon and therefore the credit must be accompanied by our copyright information: Image(s) © Brandon Barnard Photography

Product Photography Questions

Q) What is the minimum amount of products you’ll shoot?
A) There is a minimum spend of R1,750.00. Three high-resolution product shots are our minimum.

Q) What is the largest product you can shoot?
A) Any size, but we’ll need to discuss product shoot costs for vehicles and furniture.

Q) Do you offer image retouching?
A) Yes, Basic image retouching is charged at R375,00 per image

Q) Do I get High-resolution images?
A) Yes, all the images are supplied in high resolution. If you have a function on your website that magnifies the product or would like a shot for a product catalogue, then you will need a high-resolution shot.

Q) Can we arrange for an advertising and commercial product shot?
A) Yes, we shoot product advertising. These shoots are charged differently depending on the channels and distribution.

Q) Can I post my products to you?
A) Yes, it may be easier for you. Return postage will be charged to your bill.

Q) What if my products are damaged during the shooting?
A) Products do suffer damage from time to time but we will advise when we know what product you want to have shot. Perishables are rarely returned and low ticket items are rarely worth the return postage but all can be discussed in more detail on a case by case basis.

Q) Our products don’t have branding yet, can you put our logo on a product?
A) Yes, just ask about our brand retouching service. If you need a professional logo designer to update or create your current logo then get in touch with Brandon.

Q) Could I have my portrait in black & white?
A) Yes, you can decide to have a colour or black and white images.

Bookings, Payments and Deposits Questions

Q) Do I need to pay a deposit or cancellation fee?
A) Yes, a non-refundable 60% deposit is required. There is a 60% cancellation fee if cancelled within 48 hours. Sometimes, deposits and/or payments are non-refundable – Please refer to your quote.

Q) How do we pay?
A) A bank transfer (South African Rand, Euros or USD) or PayPal (USD).

Q) Where do I sign up for the shoot?
A) Simple, send us an email at hello@professionalphotographer.co.za

Q) Do you have a cancellation policy?
A) Yes, you need to cancel 72 hours before the session or you lose your deposit and/or payment.

Q) How do you issue refunds if I cancel 72 hours before my session?
A) If you are entitled to a refund, we issue a refund by the same method you initially chose to pay.

Q) So how can I book the session?
A) Just send us an email at hello@professionalphotographer.co.za and we will send you our banking details or a “request for money” from PayPal services.