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Kappa | #KeepPerforming

Clothing is more than just something you wear to protect your body. We use our clothing as another way to represent who we are as a person.

We all connect with different brands that have a message that gives off an impression of your values and aspirations


For Kappa and this campaign, that message is to keep moving forward and #KEEPperforming.

We collaborated with 5 of their brand ambassadors. They shared what it means to them and how Kappa represents their values and goals.


We spent 9 consecutive days photographing and filming each influencer. Capturing the essence of Kappa in each of their lives and what #KEEPperforming means to them. 

This shoot was exciting and challenging. Challenges are what we thrive on.


Our work starts way before a camera is even picked up (although that is where the magic starts to show). We scouted the most breathtaking locations available in Johannesburg. Interviewed each influencer and understood what made them tick. 


The location, lighting, and how we captured each one were vital to ensure we represented them in the most authentic way whilst also capturing the essence of Kappa.


Our work did not stop once the camera was set down. 

We went on to create social media digital content. With our videography, advanced photoshopping, and motion graphic skills we created digitally animated posts representing each influencer. 

Just looking at the content below you want to be like these guys and #KEEPperforming.

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Brandon Barnard

Photographer, Director, Producer

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